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    FTB seeking opinions on Regional VIC, up to 50km from Melbourne?

    We've been procrastinating for far too long and think we should make 2013 the year to buy our first home. My husband and I would be willing to spend up to/around 300K, perhaps more, and are open to feedback on areas you might recommend. We're looking for somewhere regional, up to 50km...
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    Forbes suburb in NSW. Is it worth buying?

    I read someone talking about this suburb today. Searched the web and the results state the suburb looks decent. I see a pretty disparate sale prices. Some 4b houses are listed for around 400K and some 3b around 160K mark. Any one knows a bit more about the suburb?
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    New here, about to take the plunge!

    Hi everyone, It's my first post. I know these kinds of questions get asked all the time, but the parameters and statistics seem to change so rapidly in the property market! I'd like to buy an IP, with roughly neutral cashflow. Rather than get all excited, rush out and buy someting...