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    Removalist question

    Is it safe to let the removalist take all my stuff in their truck and get them to go to the new premises? I don't have a car to follow them behind. I will be loading the stuff into the truck and send them to the new premises where my wife will wait for them. Do I need to ensure they just don't...
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    "Fully insured removalist"... What does it mean?

    I was going through the ads on my local community newspaper in search of removalists. Some of the ads say "fully insured". What exactly does it mean? By the way, do you have a recommendation for a good removalist in St.George area NSW?
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    Asbestos Removalist Contacts

    Hi everyone Does anyone know of a good reputable asbestos removalist servicing the middle eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Preferably someone you have used before and can vouch for their work? I'm trying to remove a lino floor about 12 sqm in my first home and am a bit hesitant of picking a...