reno advice

  1. nluo

    Ask SS: advice for renovation in brisbane southside

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking at Brisbane southside (Sunnybank hills, Runcorn, Calamvale etc.), would like to purchase a property (as investment) , then renovate with adding an extra room and/or bathroom. So a house with 3/2/2 (3/1/2) to 4/2/2. I am new to renovation, I would like to...
  2. E

    Pro-painter - Painting 101 Help?

    I'm planning to do DIY painting to save some reno cost. Any SS pro-painter here can give tips on how to start? I have never paint before (apart from as a kid helping mum paint directly onto the wall). So can I confirm that the process goes like this for interior wall? 1. Sand the wall (do I...
  3. kkgirl

    How would you fix this floor plan?

    We have $25,000 to open up this floor plan for weatherboard in Albion. Will source stuff second-hand where possible and do a lot of work ourselves but due to measly budget can't move existing plumbing except to add second toilet to central bathroom. GOALS: Make room for second toilet...
  4. T

    Brisbane North - Purchase and Renovation

    After gaining a lot of assistance from the knowledge and recommendations from Somersoft members - both from the threads and directly we thought we would share our journey of purchasing and renovating interstate. It seems there are a lot of members looking at Brisbane from elsewhere so...
  5. O

    Reno advice needed - 1st investment property

    Hi, Just exchanged the contracts on my first investment property. Will get possession on about 16th DEC :) Went over to the house today and measured up so I could plan my reno's HAVE A LOOK BELOW TO SEE WHAT I CAME UP WITH - PLEASE COMMENT & TELL ME HOW TO IMPROVE THIS DESIGN>>>> My Goals: >...