1. U

    Beach Shack Reno. Ep 2. Permits and Owner Builder Course

    Hi Guys, Thanks to those of you who watched Episode 1! Ep 2 looks at Permits and the Owner Builder Course (which l don't think you need to do if you live in Victoria). I hope you can check it out. Here's the link: Cheers :)
  2. U

    DIY Beach Shack Reno. Episode 1!

    Hi Guys, Uncle Knackers here. First of all thanks to all of you that watched my introductory video for my Owner Builder Series. In case you missed it, here's the link to my YouTube Video. Secondly, here's the Official link to Episode 1 of...
  3. Jess Peletier

    Port Hedland desperate seller

    I don't know if anyone is looking at cash flow +ve props in Hedland ATM, but I found this in my travels and thought it might be worth mentioning just in case some one was in a position and it fit with their goals. I always find 'motivated' sellers interesting :) I have no affiliation with the...
  4. F

    Smith and Sons renovations franchise

    Hi, Has anyone ever used Smith and Sons renovations franchise in Brisbane to renovate their PI and if so would you recommend them? Cheers.
  5. piNoob

    Renovate vs duplex?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right area for my question, if not please move. Just a quick question, if family wants a bigger house, which is more financially viable option (on existing single story house): 1. Sell the house, buy bigger 1. Build second story e.g renovate 2. Knock down...
  6. N

    Reno help! Have some cash, no finance...which way to go?

    Hi everyone. I'm a complete newbie to this site and am really starting from the bottom here with respect to property (I live in Melbourne). Please be patient while I explain my situation as I am not sure of the best way to move forward. I have tried to keep this brief, but it is a bit...
  7. W

    Renovating in Sydney with mates

    Hi guys I've been lurking in the shadows here for a while now, really helped me work out where to buy my first unit. So i thought it's about time I post something and ask my own specific questions. As the title says, myself and a few mates are looking at buying a rundown/older place around...
  8. D

    Hunter Region First IP plus reno

    Hi Everyone, first time poster, long time reader I'm in Newcastle for the next 6 months and wanted to find a house i could renovate whilst here. I'm willing to go as far as Cessnock and Maitland right now but i would consider further towns if it was worth my while. I want to buy...
  9. ket

    Tiled roof repairs

    Has anyone had experience with roof repairers in SW Sydney or the Southern Highlands? We need a tiled roof fixed up. Ridge tiles need repointing, some tiles need replacing, etc. Guttering, etc is OK. I hear they use new flexible cement products on ridge tiles these days.
  10. mixedup

    any reports for a suburb's reno potential?

    Anyone aware of a report that would be useful in reviewing a number of suburbs potential for profitable renovation? I haven't seen anything from RPData, so far..... I was thinking of something that have an indication for each suburb, for each type of house (e.g. 2br, 3br etc)...
  11. mixedup

    re numbers is it usually worth holding for 12 months to sell for CapGains benefit???

    Just in general, for someone who is targeting cosmetic renovation projects on homes, is it from financial perspective typically better to hold for 12 months and rent out the renovated home prior to selling to seek the Capital Gains tax benefit that would come into play? For the sake of the...
  12. T

    Dulux Mobile Website for Trade

    Thought this might be of interest to some people (and no, I don't work for Dulux!). I haven't checked it out so please leave your thoughts for others. ---- DULUX LAUNCHES MOBILE WEBSITE FOR TRADE Dulux has launched a trade specific version of its mobile website, making it easier and...
  13. Of The Vultures

    Renovation suburbs in Perth

    Hi all, First time poster but long time lurker on this great forum. Hoping to get some advice from the Perth locals if possible. I'm looking for a property to renovate in Perth suburbs close to the CBD. I want to renovate (cosmetic) and sell mostly, but keep every second/third one long...
  14. G

    Full Reno 5 unit Block - south side Brisbane

    Recommend for a Full Reno ? 5 Unit Block Bris Sth Side I'm looking for some recommendations for a builder that can do a complete Reno It's a older style wooden block so easy to work on its up on stumps so plumbing is a breeze too. I will need X 5 new bathrooms, basic all tile floor and...
  15. T

    New Reno- getting excited.

    Reno- getting excited. We have done small reno's before but not this much. Settlement is Friday and hubby is going to Bali tonight. He gets back Saturday but has to work so he won’t make an appearance until Sunday. In the meantime I’ve got a list of things to do. We’ve bought...
  16. mixedup

    Is selling to start a new Reno typically worth it?

    Once you have acquired all the properties you can within your LVR/comfort level, is it typically worth selling one of your already renovated properties just to have the buffer to purchase another one to renovate again? i.e. or would the selling/buying costs typically not make it worth it
  17. B

    Bendigo for IP

    Does anyone have any current advice/research on IP's in Bendigo? We're considering investing $200-300K. We're in our early 50's, semi-retired, own our home outright and are wrestling over the idea of whether we should draw down about 1/3rd of our unpreserved (tax free) super to fund an IP so...
  18. D

    Renovating without Body corporate approval?

    Hi guys I was hoping for some advice from the gurus with legal knowledge / experience on Body corporate dealings. · We have purchased our first PPOR and wish to remove internal walls and install floating floors into our apartment.The unit is in NSW · We have had a structural engineer provide a...
  19. T

    Raising a Queenslander

    Hi Folks, I live in a Queenslander that has the bottom level enclosed. But the bottom level is not at legal height. Both the top and bottom level have its own bathroom and kitchen. So basically, I have a self-contained top and bottom unit in this house. I am considering raising the house...
  20. C

    Renovating- Sell or Hold??

    Hi Guys, Im new to the game and have recently finished a full renovation on my first unit in Bondi. I am now stuck at the cross road of whether to sell or hold onto it and rent it out. I picked up the 2 bd 1 bath 1 car unit for $530k and after stampy duty, legals and renovation costs...