1. A

    Asbestos Shed - Keep or Remove

    At the back of my (just settled) 1970's house is a built on shed (2m x 3m with asbestos sheeting - a man cave of sorts. One of the asbestos sheets is split from top to bottom. Do I remove the shed completely or do I paint it all and hope that seals it? Could the tenants sue me down the track...
  2. Lounge room before

    Lounge room before

  3. Lounge room after

    Lounge room after

    Paint, timber laminate floor, wooden blinds and modern furniture totally transformed this room
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Is 2 weeks enough time to organise a bathroom reno and finance it ?

    Hi My tenants gave me 2 weeks notice that they will be vacating on August 2nd. I'm thinking of doing a bathroom reno. It is a good opportunity to do it now as I have money in the bank and I can afford to have it vacant for a little while whilst the work is done. Its a 1 bed 41 sqm...
  5. N

    Hobart Investors networking group

    Hello, I am interested in finding or starting a group in Hobart for people who love property investing. I am currently living in Hobart renovating a house with my husband and want to meet like minded people. I would love to start a mastermind group where people can share their goals, get help...
  6. mixedup

    Ripple effect suburbs in Brisbane? (for house reno?)

    Which suburbs in Brisbane would be good targets for a house renovation from the point of view of being in one of these "ripple effect areas"? Background: So my interpretation of this would be areas that are the next suburbs out from now more expensive sort after areas. So in the ripple...
  7. K

    Sydney Builders ??

    Does anyone have recommendations for a budget builder in Sydney? I am looking to do build an extra bedroom with an ensuite and walk in robe. My price requirements are between $1000-1500 sqm Builders on the forum, please give me your contact details so that I can discuss my requirements...
  8. K

    Adding an extra Bedroom with Ensuite

    My project details: I am looking at adding an extra bedroom on the ground floor of my house. This bedroom will be built outside the existing house using one of the pre-existing walls and then connected to the main house via a doorway. This will make it appear to be part of the main house...
  9. Of The Vultures

    Renovation suburbs in Perth

    Hi all, First time poster but long time lurker on this great forum. Hoping to get some advice from the Perth locals if possible. I'm looking for a property to renovate in Perth suburbs close to the CBD. I want to renovate (cosmetic) and sell mostly, but keep every second/third one long...
  10. streetie

    Living in your investment property to avoid CGT while renovating

    If your into the renovating side of things when your buying investment properties. Would living in the property for 3 to 6 months while your renovating prevent you from paying any CGT if you sold within 6 years.? Then Once renovation is finished then you move on to the next buy and start...
  11. B

    New TV Show Seeking Flippers/Renovators

    I'm working on a new tv show about the lives of people who flip/renovate properties for profit, a mix of those doing it regularly and newbies too. I'm seeking expressions of interest from people in Sydney and Melbourne who're interested in appearing, no commitment at this stage, so no pressure...
  12. S

    HELP NEEDED - restumping a queenslander

    Hi all my names Shawn and I'm new to this forum and just looking for some feedback on a property strategy that myself and my dad are interested in doing... Any feedack we get will be very appreciated... Basically what we would like to do is buy a queenslander in Brisbane, in decent growth...
  13. C

    Renovating- Sell or Hold??

    Hi Guys, Im new to the game and have recently finished a full renovation on my first unit in Bondi. I am now stuck at the cross road of whether to sell or hold onto it and rent it out. I picked up the 2 bd 1 bath 1 car unit for $530k and after stampy duty, legals and renovation costs...