1. P

    Mini Orb / Corrugated iron wet areas

    Hi guys, has anyone had any experience using mini orb as part of internal renovations? It?s cheap, easy to use, and hides a multitude of problems easily. I?ve recently seen it used a lot more in wet areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms, particularly in country properties, teamed with timber...
  2. O

    Reno advice needed - 1st investment property

    Hi, Just exchanged the contracts on my first investment property. Will get possession on about 16th DEC :) Went over to the house today and measured up so I could plan my reno's HAVE A LOOK BELOW TO SEE WHAT I CAME UP WITH - PLEASE COMMENT & TELL ME HOW TO IMPROVE THIS DESIGN>>>> My Goals: >...
  3. B

    Reno Kings - intensive Program & Online Workshops

    I attended a free 3 day Reno Kings workshop last weekend and found it quite useful and motivating. It also made me consider renovation and property development a lot more in my overall property investment strategy. There were a couple of their products/services they were selling that I was...
  4. melzinoz

    Creating equity before settlement

    Hi Guys, forgive me if I am naive, I am pretty new to all of this! :) I just wanted some insight/opinions on creating further equity from improvements during settlement. I have made an offer on an IP property and am thinking, while the inside is great, adding some street appeal might...
  5. P

    Renovations and profits

    Hi, I am looking at doing renovations to earn an income (whilst still working 9-5). There is so much material out there about reno's, tips & tricks but I really want to know how profitable renovating and selling properties is - especially if you want to 'buy, renovate and sell' v.s 'buy...