1. C

    How regularly to increase the rent

    Hi everyone One of my IPs has been rented for just over 18 months and due to the lower rental entry level, I increased the rental by $10 each 6 months. Reviewing there weren't a lot of comparisons to gauge the rental rates on however the PM advised as part of their inspection...
  2. T

    Periodic lease & increasing the rent

    Long term stalker first time poster. First time buying in Brisbane and I'm trying to do all my homework, I have found a property and am planning on making an offer, its a decent place and a nice area but the current owners have a tenant on a periodic lease way below the market rate, about...
  3. V

    Map of Rental Returns

    Hi everyone, I've been going through the ABS 2011 Census data to try and create some useful maps for property investors and I've created sets of maps for the five major Australian cities showing how much renters are paying. Hopefully, this will help you get an idea as to where it would be...
  4. P

    Ways to deter certain "types" of Tenants

    I am planning to rent out my IP and my IP is a strata-ed 1970s block building in an inner city suburb. Some background in our area: - I am based in Ground level - Our building has 2 government housing unit currently rented to an emigrant family and a single man in his late 40s. Both...
  5. M

    Brisbane- Sell now to Rent?

    Hi I'm new here so go easy on me :) In fact it's my first ever forum post of any forum. My wife and I recently went unconditional on a contract for sale of our house in a Brisbane suburb. I've had a lot of friends and work colleagues telling me now is the wrong time to rent and we should look to...
  6. P

    IP Reno help and opinions!

    As i mentioned before in other threads, i would like to jazz up my IP strata apartment before renting it out. a few things on my to-do list are: - replace kitchen sink with a better , stronger quality one (one i have is crap) - replace a wind-able window (all windows are currently jammed)...
  7. R

    "Lease Back Guarantee" of 10%?

    I'm sniffing around some towns in the Surat Basin, and I've come across an off-the-plan townhouse that looks very promising. The developer is offering a "lease back guarantee" of 10% of the purchase price annually for 5 years. I asked them a heap of questions, and found out that this isn't...
  8. T

    Tenant in arrears

    Today we received this email from our PM. Never having had this situation before, I'd like to know what other SSers think. The tenant pays rent of $180 pw. Your tenant in the granny flat has fallen behind in her rent. She is currently paid to the 7th February and her next rent deduction is...
  9. samer

    Sell, keep or develop?

    Hi everyone, I am very glad I found this forum!! And I am hoping that some one can help me here make a decision. I have a property I have owned sine 1999 so its definetly CGT 50% exempt if I sell as is, its starting to fall apart but is on a decent 805m2 block of land for where it is...
  10. A

    Leasing a property as a first home buyer

    I am a first home buyer and have paid my 0.25% and am currently on a cooling-off period. If everything goes well, within the next 8 days I will get the property, a 2-bedroom unit. There is a tenant currently living in the property. As I've understood, a first home buyer can lease a property...
  11. M

    Rent or Share

    Hi, If I rent out my PPOR (3BR), can I convert the loan to IP and use it for negative gearing? I am then intending to rent something smaller for myself for 1/3 of a price what my current repayments are. Or is it better to share 2BR out? Would that work? Cheers,
  12. brendio

    Rent The Castle

    The house from the classic Australian film, The Castle, is up for rent.
  13. T

    Buy IP or PPOR first?

    I am just beginning my research into purchasing property and I was hoping to get some advice about the pros and cons of buying a PPOR vs IP first. Ultimately, I would like to own my own home as well as be earning income from several investment properties. At the moment, I can't afford to buy...
  14. K

    Rents to rise in 2010 ?

    Population growth is continuing at a record pace, so demand is increasing. Developers still can't get finance to build new houses, so supply is limited. For the last couple of years the only way these macro numbers can add up, is by increasing the number of people per household. The young...