rental increase

  1. Richard Feynman

    Biggest rental hike?

    I'm just wondering what's the most you or your property manager has increased rent on a property (in proportion to the total rent, NOT the largest dollar amount) in two scenarios: 1) The tenants accepted. 2) The tenants vacated (and if so, was this your plan)? Feel free to be as elaborate...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Great news! Possible $50 rental increase!

    Some really good news! Currently earning $230 per week for my 1 bed Dia.nella unit. Lease ends in July & tenant told PM she might move out. In January she was very unhappy with the $10 increase. Anyway. The other week another renovated unit in my complex asked for $280 per week & got it! :)...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Tenant says she cant afford $10 increase

    Each year I up the rent $10 per week. So now it will be $240 per week. This is for a 1 bed (renovated kitchen) unit, 8 km to the Perth CBD. I couldn't believe it when the PM said that the tenant said she couldn't afford the increase! Hopefully she will see reason. Looking at