1. 4

    (Sydney - Quakers Hill) Only 2 applicants after 3 open home with 15 groups inspection

    Hi, I know this forum has many big names who know about Quakers Hill very well. Appreciate your advice on what I encountered on leasing my property out. It's a two bed room town house at Pye Road, about 12 minutes walking distance to the station, with flooring downstairs, auto garage...
  2. K

    Stayz vs. Airbnb

    Hello, We've just bought our first investment property ! It's in Jindabyne & we're hoping to fill it with short term holiday rentals For this coming winter season, its more or less fully booked & we have an obligation to stay with the current property manager, but as they charge 20% &...
  3. C

    When to organise PM?

    My partner and I just bought our first IP and it will be settled in the first week of February. It's currently tenanted but we have asked for vacant possession so we would obviously like it to be rented ASAP after setllement (give or take a day or two for claning/minor repairs etc). When...
  4. B

    What Rental Management Software to use

    My wife and I own and manage 6 units. We have just bought another block of 7 units. Currently we just use spreadsheets etc. to manage the rent due and arrears. We really need software to ensure we keep on top of this with the extra units. We just want to enter rent received each week and for the...
  5. Kitchen in rental

    Kitchen in rental

    Kitchen in rental
  6. Kitchen in rental

    Kitchen in rental

    Kitchen in rental
  7. Granny Flat Bathroom

    Granny Flat Bathroom

    Our modern bathrooms create a sense of luxury while providing investors with the reassurance their investment is creating growth.
  8. Granny Flat Kitchen

    Granny Flat Kitchen

    Our granny flat kitchens provide plenty of room for entertaining with a choice of colour options.
  9. Granny Flat

    Granny Flat

    Our granny flats are ideal for our clients who are getting started in developing right through to clients who are adding to their existing property portfolio.
  10. Granny Flat Laundry

    Granny Flat Laundry

    The laundry allows for a spacious living area, any tenant would enjoy using, whilst giving you a high rental yield on your investment.
  11. mikesplace

    fees for management QLD

    Hi, what are the typical fees for ongoing management of an investment property in QLD? I have been quoted 5% to collect the rent and 3% to manage the 5% seems rather high, its not some crappy house in a dodgy area, aren't there defined legal procedures for non payment of rent and all the...
  12. jsoe

    holiday letting /rental /house

    Hi, What are the implications of running a holiday letting assuming we'll be self-managing it? i.e. beach front / lake front Does the house have to be in a particular zoning? Do you need some sort of a license? What about CG? any successful / failed holiday house investor here...
  13. J

    Buying off family and renting back to them

    Hi Folks, Long time reader, first time contributor. Just needing advice on helping out my parents living in Sydney (I live in WA) who are having problems paying their mortgage. They want me to purchase their family home below market value (approx $50-$60k) and rent it back to them at market...
  14. N

    Does anyone know what the sunshine coast rental market is doing? 2 months no tenant

    Hi There, We recently did a quick reno on our house on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (near Mapleton) under the advice of our property manager that, with a new kitchen/paint job/floor polish we could get an extra $100 a week rent. We completed the reno early april and still have no...
  15. Alex P Keaton

    Oakajee Port and Rail OPR - Geraldton

    Oakajee Port and Rail (OPR) - Geraldton I am thinking about buying a 2 bedroom unit in Geraldton next year. The units are still quite affordable. Around the $150 K mark!! I think there will be some good CG! But I wander about rental demand and vacancies. With this new project going ahead...
  16. L

    Is this normal? Rental ad posted and no phone calls for two days

    I'm in the process of purchasing a property in Guildford, NSW and I've already put down 0.25% deposit. My intention is to sub-let each rooms to people who are seeking shared accommodation, and this is the only way for the property to pay itself off. However, after posting an ad on...
  17. F

    Landlords Insurance with Flood cover

    I have a property in QLD & although i have not had flood damage to it yet, i am concerned about for the future. Can anyone advise me on which companies offer flood damage protection for rental properties. The property is managed with a large franchise company & they may be able to help me...
  18. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Jun 30th / Martin Ryland

    Better Investing Group Meeting 30th June, 2009 Guest Speaker Martin Ryland Hello everyone! This month we have Martin Ryland to talk about our favourite subject TAX! :D He will be discussing the following: - Converting your PPOR to a rental property, tips and tricks. - Converting a rental...
  19. agitated

    Sell or Rent?

    Hi everyone, just joined and Trying to research whats the best thing to do for my current situation. We have just moved into a rental property (paying $580 a week for a 4 bedder) in a suburb we wanted to live in after being in our PPOR for the last six years (in chipping norton), in which we...
  20. Budget kitchen

    Budget kitchen

    This kitchen was installed in the house we renovated last year. The costs were: cupboards - $1800 stove - $ 600 tiles - $ 1 each sink (2nd hd)$ 35 taps $ 60 double doors $ 80 carpentry $1000 (the timber floor is new...was concrete before) timber...