1. Richard Feynman

    Advertising rental with car space (not on title, but private agreement).

    Anyone got experience/input regarding this scenario? - Purchase IP from owner who has negotiated a private arrangement to rent and use the car space of another resident. Car space is not on the title of the IP. - Negotiate with other resident to retain the same use of their car space -...
  2. S

    Terminanting Lease before due date

    Hi everyone, Been reading this Forum for the last 6 months and it's opened my eyes to property investing, thanks so much for everyone thats helped make this happen! I'm currently 23 and saving up for my first IP but that can wait for later... At the moment I'm renting a townhouse by myself...
  3. agitated

    Sell or Rent?

    Hi everyone, just joined and Trying to research whats the best thing to do for my current situation. We have just moved into a rental property (paying $580 a week for a 4 bedder) in a suburb we wanted to live in after being in our PPOR for the last six years (in chipping norton), in which we...
  4. G

    Renting in Logan

    I have a 2 bedroom unit in Logan that I will be renting out in December. Does anyone have any recommendations of an agent in the area and advice on what sort of fees I should be paying??