1. Joel

    Reticulation service

    Hi, Wondering what people would do regarding servicing the reticulation system on a property I have acquired. Property is 850 sqm with a large lawn area Sprinkler system installed by previous vendor guessing during the 1980's based on the look of the controller Approximately 75 pop up...
  2. Richard Feynman

    Scott ( What a guy!

    Fancy that. Another topic of praise for Scott ( I'd just like to publicly pronounce Scott "The Model Human" Brunsdon to be one of the most wonderful, selfless, awesome people I've encountered. Further, I'll take the opportunity to profusely thank him for an abundance...
  3. ket

    Tiled roof repairs

    Has anyone had experience with roof repairers in SW Sydney or the Southern Highlands? We need a tiled roof fixed up. Ridge tiles need repointing, some tiles need replacing, etc. Guttering, etc is OK. I hear they use new flexible cement products on ridge tiles these days.
  4. U

    Dont' Call the Locksmith Just Yet!

    G'day all. PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!! Don't call the locksmith just yet! Has a tenant ever called you to say that they have a dodgy door lock and could you please send a locksmith over to repair it? Watch this video and l will save you at least $100.00 on Locksmiths fees as you'll be able to do...
  5. P

    timing of shower base replacement - tax

    I'm soon going to move out of my PPOR as we are moving to Perth, and will rent it out as an IP. Our shower base is badly cracked. We plan to replace it with a new base. Would it be deductable if we do the replacement when the house is 'available for rent' but before tenant moves in... or...
  6. Tesla Rules

    Oven repair required _North Ryde Syd

    HI, I am being stuffed around by my PM and need to locate a reliable licenced insured reasonably priced repairman to fix cooktop+oven. Cooktop has a light that does not come on - switch needs/repair/replace Oven hinge needs repair/replace. Kleenmaid appliances from 2000. Would...