1. Alex P Keaton

    Repairs and Maintenance for 1960's duplex

    Hi What sort of repairs, maintenance and expenses would you be looking at if you were to buy something like this below. Its built in 1968. Some of it is renovated. The land content is good at 480 sqm. I just worry that in the future there will be lots of maintenance and repairs if I buy...
  2. Spades

    B & P report to negotiate discount.

    Hi Everyone, Got a B & P done on a property and brought up more issues than i thought. Issues below on what i didn't pickup on. The inspector pointed out that adequate drainage needs to be done at the front of property to divert water runoff going under the house as it's affecting the...
  3. A

    Building inspection result

    I’ve just received the building/pest inspection for a property I’ve put a deposit on. It’s an old property located in Toowoomba QLD ( 1960’s 2-3 bedroom single story brick/timber house) so you would expect some issues however what has concerned me is that the inspector has mentioned there is...
  4. E

    Advise on 1st Property Purchase

    Hi all, Would like to hear your opinion on my first IP purchase... A bit of background: House price is at $190-200K mark at postcode 2320 close to shopping centre on a relatively quiet street, gross yield 7.5% (already tenanted) I have enough to offset the entire loan for 10 months or...
  5. Home Repairs

    Home Repairs

    Roof repairs on a warehouse in South Melbourne