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    Advice for First Time Buyer in Victoria

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for years now and am finally in a position to invest so would like some advice as I have two ideas and am unsure which one I should go with or some other idea. Goal: To set myself up to purchase a second IP in 12 to 18 months. (Budget $350-380k) Idea...
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    Preston or Reservoir

    Hi guys My name is Luke. I am a newbie here. Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice about the better option for my first home. I'm a single professional and my budget is around $400K. I have two affordable options, 1) OTP apartment in Preston (100m from Preston station) 2) Brand...
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    Would you invest Reservoir in Melbourne or somewhere Brisbane???

    Right, first time poster long time stalker. My wife and I are getting onto the property investment wagon and we're looking for some advice. We have a property in Reservoir, Melbourne, that we could put 3 townhouses on. Debating whether to develop or invest in Brisbane. What would you...