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    Fees commercial vs residential

    What can I expect fee wise when getting involved in commercial property as opposed to residential? Are rates the same? Or is there extra due to being commercial? Insurances? Is there a general rule of thumb? TIA
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    Residential or commercial loan?

    Hi guys. I am having some finance problems and hopefully someone has been through something similar before. I have a contract on a piece of land in QLD. The previous owner has development approval going through council (not approved yet) to sub divide the lot into 20 blocks. The bank is...
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    Mackay Commercial/Residential

    Hi all I own a small parcel of land in the cbd in Mackay just over 2000sqm I don't really know what to do with it... A few option I have considered is building a commercial high rise building ( I'm not to sure what the demand is like ) Or build a residential highrise ( I personally think...
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    Commercial activity in residential property

    Hi there, It might be slightly offtopic for this forum, but I was wondering to what extent in NSW it is possible to rent a residential house with a lease agreement, and conduct a commercial activity in the premises (ex: childcare, hairdresser, massage ...). Is it only dependant on the...
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    Attracting Residential Investors

    Hi I have just put my house on the market and was wondering about good ways to attract residential investors to the site to consider it? Property is in Morphett Vale, Adelaide. I didn't want to put the link here as I didn't want to be seen as a spammer, given that this...
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    Resi loans for 4-unit development?

    I've been given the not-entirely-unexpected news that my big four bank won't finance a four-unit development (in Melb) under a resi loan. The scenario is that we will keep all four when they are built so pre-sales isn't an issue. Are there any banks which will finance this under resi...
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    Builder/Developer Wanted

    Hi, I have just joined forum and am looking for builder/developer partners who would be interested in my property in Brisbane, I have a 7,000 sqm property with a prestige house with tennis court that can be sub divided into another 4 elevated, NE aspect housing blocks. I have access through a...
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    Residential on Business Zone 1

    I live in Melbourne and i am interested in buying a CIP. The one i am looking at is zoned 'Business Zone 1'. It has a shopfront and an attached 2 bedroom residential property at the back. My question is if i decide to buy it can i legally rent out the residential property at the back...
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    what to do with 1st property? --- need help!

    my partner and i are hoping we can get some ideas from the forum around what to do with our first property. things we need opinion on are whether to make it residential or investment or both, and a few other things. i'll start by saying that the property is a land that we're planning to build...