1. L

    Cashing in your chips - which is the best strategy?

    Hi all, I seek to test two exit strategy theories on my fellow SS members. Which of these should one use when converting their buy and hold property portfolio into a passive income stream; Assumtions: 50% LVR on 10 million worth of property (5 million equity). Goal: 200k pa income...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    More "me time". I've changed my plan

    Goal: To be able to afford to go part time when I turn 55 which is in around 15 years time. I've already started looking at jobs ads with 0.60 FTE. :) When I turn 60 my goal is by that stage to have enough passive income to not have to work PAYG at all !! My goal has always been to...
  3. mixedup

    what inflation rate min/max for retirement planning??

    Couple of retirement planning questions (I wanted to work into my overall plans including property) if I can ask for advice: Q1 - What Max/Min values I should use for retirement planning, to cover over the next 15 years say? For: a) inflation rate? (maybe 2% - 4%) b) interest rate on...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    I'm investing again in 2015

    ............... i'll come back later to edit. its way too long. thanks for all the replies btw
  5. G

    Rebuild IP, live there and rent out current house

    I'm a bit naive when it comes to finance/tax matters so I thought I'd run this past more knowledgeable people for any comments. Soon will be retrenched. I'm around 60. Good payout and already fair amount in Industry super fund. Will have a (taxed) pension, so will have a strong cash flow...
  6. P

    Retiree selling PPOR.. what happens now?

    Hi all, i need help as i have no idea much about selling PPOR, income and finances. My mum is a retiree and wants to sell her PPOR (downsizing reasons). IF she manage to sell her PPOR (then rents another property because she cannot find another one to buy just yet) and she puts the money...
  7. Alex P Keaton

    Baby boomer women will retire with less than two years of savings, says report

    The comments section is quite interesting! Baby boomer women will retire with less than two years of savings, says report A couple of comments
  8. Alex P Keaton

    Friend Aged 47 Wants 1 house paid off Before Retirement - IP or PPOR ?

    My friend and co-worker in her late 40's and who plans to retire at the age of 67 has decided to buy a house. She is wandering what the best way to go about this would be and we have talked about possible options. She is also going to see an accountant. A little background about her...
  9. Alex P Keaton

    Mum & Dad 8 yrs to retirement - Buy 2 IPS ?

    Hi My parents plan to retire in around 7 or 8 years. They have 2 properties. Their PPOR and 1 IP. LVR is 20% They dont have any other debt. Dad has been salary sacrificing into super. Mum has some company shares and super. Mum and Dad both working and are on $70 K pa & $60 K pa...