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    Does anyone have any experience in carparks, purchasing then leasing them? Preferably in Melbourne but open to ideas. What are some pros and cons? Whats an effective way to research the return?
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    Hidden Gems of Regional Investment

    All-time low interest rates and increased demand in big city markets are making certain regional towns very attractive for the investor market. Towns like Tweed Heads and Lismore have units 2 or 3 bedroom units under $250,000 with rental yields of 7% gross. Factoring in council rates and body...
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    Buying a property that you rent

    Currently paying 28K per month rental on a retail shop in a nice shopping strip. Now have an opportunity to purchase the building at around high fives. my first thought is that it makes sense to do that however I have no idea how to evaluate such a proposition. Any help that you smartybrains...
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    WA's Mining Towns

    I work with a building company that builds transportable buildings in WA, we operate out of our Perth Yard and service all of WA and into neighboring states if necessary. We are aware of several lucrative opportunities in North West mining towns, we have the capacity to build houses...
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    Money from Tax Returns - where should it go?

    Hi, SITUATION: I am acquiring an Investment Property (settlement due in May2012). I have taken a Fixed Rate I/O loan (@ 95% LVR) that allows advance payment of annual interest. This does not allow any extra repayment of more than 10K/year. Meaning, I cannot put my rental income (26K/year) in...
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    Replacing septic system of Investment property-Are there ANY Tax benefits? If so how?

    Hi everyone, I am a long time memeber i havent been on for ages and forgot my username and password! So this is post #1 under my new username! Just wondering if anyone can give me some info. We have an 'investment' property on QLDs Sunshine Coast and have recently been advised that the...