1. laurieload

    Sealing old, flat metal roof

    Hello everyone, We have a small house with an old fairly flat roof in Cairns. It doesn't seem to be leaking atm but there is a lot of water damage to gutters and facias that we need to fix, so we thought we should give the roof some attention too. The previous owner sprayed some sort of...
  2. D

    Loud Cracking / Popping in Ceiling and Walls - Roof Truss?

    Hello We purchased a 2 story townhouse a year ago that is now nearly 2.5 years old. We had a building inspection done before we purchased the property which came back largely clear. However, we have had a few issues with the builder that have lead me to realise he may have cut a lot of...
  3. ket

    Tiled roof repairs

    Has anyone had experience with roof repairers in SW Sydney or the Southern Highlands? We need a tiled roof fixed up. Ridge tiles need repointing, some tiles need replacing, etc. Guttering, etc is OK. I hear they use new flexible cement products on ridge tiles these days.
  4. Home Repairs

    Home Repairs

    Roof repairs on a warehouse in South Melbourne
  5. beachhouse from wheat paddock

    beachhouse from wheat paddock

    Pic shows house on approach
  6. beachhouse from sea

    beachhouse from sea

    Pic shows unusual design..... lightweight construction of bluesheet and corrugated sheet. Decks on all sides (no balustrades) mean there's always a wind free spot, and the huge overhanging roof lets us sit outside during storms or party in the shade during summer
  7. beachhouse


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