rp data

  1. C

    Pricefinder and RP Data

    I have decided to get off the fence and subscribe to Pricefinder or RP Data. I?m looking at PF due to the comments on SS however reading the user guides on the PF website, it appears that you can?t do a Comparative Market Analysis with the regular subscription (or does the sales and rent...
  2. R

    Pricefinder access for 2015

    Hi Everyone. Just wondering does anyone need access to Pricefinder for next year ( same thing as RP data tho better). We have a group and there are some spots that have become vacant & available now. email me at rodhuy@gmail.com if you are interested.
  3. D

    Nearmap vs RP Data?

    Hi all, I see Nearmaps very recently released a Property Investigation tool aimed at taking market share off RPData. I have a Nearmaps subscription (basic plan $99 p.a.), but not the new Real Estate add-on, so haven't seen it in action yet. Wondering if anyone has tried the new Nearmaps...
  4. Scott No Mates

    Market sentiment - March 2014

    I had received an email the other day from a mortgage broker. There was a little bit of interesting reading and some interesting conclusions to be drawn from a few of the points made: 1. 9.7% of Australian properties resold over the final quarter of 2013 sold at a loss, down from 12.6% of...
  5. C

    RP Data Question

    Hi, Just looking at the Spring RP Daties figures for properties and am trying to figure out how they come to their "Gross Indicative Rental Yield" figure. I thought they would take the annualised median rent figure and divide it by the median price but if I do that calculation I get...
  6. Prop Meeting WA

    Full RP Data access at special group rate

    Property Meeting WA has secured a deal with RP data to provide the full professional level access to this tool including all features such as Auto Valuations and Comparative Market Reports, at a special group price (note this is WA access only). This is a full subscription and could be tax...
  7. Richard Feynman

    Essentially unlimited, free desktop valuations.

    I thought I'd share something for CBA customers which I recently discovered. Via www.mywealth.commbank.com.au you can punch in your PPOR/IP address/s and it appears to instantly sync up to the same RP Data valuation system that the branches use (someone correct me if I'm wrong). This means...
  8. J

    Knowledge for RP Data

    Hello, I have access to RP data for Gold Coast & Brisbane- thought I would offer a trade seeing I have had a lot of good information from this forum. Im happy to look up a property's details for people in this area and email to you if you are seriously considering buying etc (not for...
  9. A

    Property Data For VIC - IMPOSSIBLE?!?!

    Hi guys, I have been going crazy trying to find property data for victorian suburbs. I have searched for products which give you previous sales info, suburb analysis, demographics, vacancy rates, capital growth rates, infrastructure upgrades to area, etc, etc but it seems that due to these...
  10. shuggy

    RP Data for commercial property Qld

    Hi, does anyone know if RP Data also monitors commercial property ? If anyone has access to RP Data in Qld can i please request a search be done on a complex. Any help would be marvelous.
  11. lvrage

    RP Data rip-off

    An RP data staff member admitted to me on Monday that they have been debiting extra funds from existing customers for a new service without client's consent. If you do not request them to stop this they think it is ok to keep taking from you, please check your bills and see if they are...
  12. T

    RP Data Subscription Sharing For NSW

    Hi Somersoftians, I'm looking to organise (or join, if one already exists) a RP Data subscription sharing group for investors interested in NSW properties. You can have access to house sales in NSW, including full address, land size, sale price, Comparative Market Analysis etc. I'm...