1. tempura


    when I requested valuation from my bank, she asked "how much do you think you are going to purchase this property for?" in another way of paraphrasing the question, "how much do you think the property worth?" Why does the bank ask this question? Will my answer influence on how the value...
  2. J

    Victorian sales data

    Hi, I am just in the process of researching a place for my wife and I. I'm keen to carry out background research so that we aren't rolling up to properties completely green. By my nature I'm a cynical person, so I trust selling agents about as much as I trust used car salesmen. I figure they...
  3. K

    Median values don't reflect the real world

    I agree that the median has faults, especially when a particular demographic (like FHB) disappears from the market. However, until recently it was the best the ABS & others could come up with. What stat should we be using instead ? RPData have come up with the Hedonic Index which is an...
  4. T

    RP Data Subscription Sharing For NSW

    Hi Somersoftians, I'm looking to organise (or join, if one already exists) a RP Data subscription sharing group for investors interested in NSW properties. You can have access to house sales in NSW, including full address, land size, sale price, Comparative Market Analysis etc. I'm...
  5. T

    RPData Subscription Sharing For Melbourne and Victoria.

    Hi all. Who wants access to every house sale in Victoria, including full address, sale price, Comparitive Market Analisys, land size, owners etc? Other services aren't allowed to provide full adresses for Victorian sales (privacy). I'm looking for three people to share the cost of a...