1. S

    Seeking advice for a development site for sale (Brisbane City rezoning area)

    I am now one of several owners in multiple joint development land for sale in Brisbane Northern Corridor plan, which has been rezoned to higher density by Brisbane City Council. Total size of our joint development site is now over 2000 sqm which I believe the max GFA is 2.5x and max BH is 6...
  2. Tiggy

    Waterfront block on Fraser Coast. SE Qld

    Hi As some of you will be aware, I have been tossing around whether to sell my dream block of land to buy an IP. Heart versus head. Decision has been made for me rather quickly, as uni son plus friends just got an eviction notice and have to be out by early March. They are finding it almost...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Help - Valuation tomorrow ?

    Hi A modelled estimate of my ppor valuation came in at $239 K. This is too low. Tomorrow they will be coming inside my unit for approximately 10 minutes to do a proper valuation. I need it to be valued at $260 K or else I wont be able to afford to buy the ip. Similar comparable...