1. F

    How to avoid paying $300,000 to $1 million dollars of mortgage interests to the bank:

    PRINCIPLES:- 1. The family money should not leave the family and go into financial institutions. 2. Do not let the words of media/culture (controlled by the elites that want u to buy their properties) that take minutes to be spoken to sway you to slave at work for the rest of your life to pay...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    New friend got retrenched - Importance of savings buffer

    Hi I met a new friend (aged 48) yesterday and over coffee she told me she just got retrenched. She hasnt got any savings and is happy her rent is not due for 3 weeks so she can scrimp and put some money together. A friend of hers might have a few odd cleaning jobs for her and she will use...
  3. R

    Keeping your eyes on the prize

    Hey SSers, Saving for the next IP is going to take awhile and I've got no equity to play with. I'm getting a little frustrated just reading and talking about property but I can't buy anything. All I can do is research areas I'd invest in if I had the money now. Unable to do much...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Did you overextend yourself buying 1st IP - Importance of Buffer

    Anyone regret buying their 1st IP or would want to do things differently? I'm glad I bought my 1st IP back in 2009 but if I had my time over again I would do things differently. I realise now how important savings are and having a buffer is!! I wouldn't have taken $10 K of my own cash to fund...
  5. F

    Tax Deductibility

    Hi everyone, Long time reader with a first time post here! Hope someone can help. I am one of those who is in a fortunate, but unfortunate position in that I had paid off my PPOR (let's call it property 1) and now rent it out while my new PPOR (property 2) has a mortgage. Both properties are...
  6. Alex P Keaton

    Savings is being eaten away :( Need to take back control

    My savings is being eaten away! Over the last 11 months my priority has been to lose weight and my finances have taken a back seat. I'm really not even sure where the money has been going. I think I have been spending a lot on good healthy food (fruits and veges) and bananas are so expensive...
  7. Alex P Keaton

    Baby boomer women will retire with less than two years of savings, says report

    The comments section is quite interesting! Baby boomer women will retire with less than two years of savings, says report A couple of comments