1. T

    Property Club - previously The Investors Club

    It seems that this forum has hosted some threads about The Investors Club in the past, but probably due to legal threats from Kevin Young they all appear to have been closed off now. It's a pity because in recent times the Property Club have been featuring in a lot of negative media stories...
  2. cu@thetop

    New Island appears in Brisbane-get in quick!!!!

    Sounds like a scam or just a grossly negligent listing but a big WTF from me when I saw this: possibly Norfolk Island but it doesn't look like it from the pic. Any ideas anyone?
  3. D

    Becoming an agent

    Theres a reals estate agency who say they're gonna be expanding massively this year and need alot of new sales people. They also provide training, and a license which costs about $800. I'm a little skeptical, thinking that in these times where sales are kinda low, it may just be a...
  4. lvrage

    RP Data rip-off

    An RP data staff member admitted to me on Monday that they have been debiting extra funds from existing customers for a new service without client's consent. If you do not request them to stop this they think it is ok to keep taking from you, please check your bills and see if they are...