1. L

    How to reduce CGT if selling 2 properties within 1 finanical year??

    I have recently sold my inheritance property on the 20/10/14 which is located in Blacktown NSW. I would now like to sell my investment property located in Surfers Paradise QLD next January 2015. However I would like to know if there are any ways to Reduce Capital Gains tax? My Tax Accountant...
  2. C

    Depreciation claimed and selling IP

    Hi all I have claimed depreciation on my IP since purchase and I thought I remember reading that when selling an IP that you have claimed depreciation on, the amount claimed for depreciation needs to be paid back at sale time?? Did I make this up? Clarification please! About to see my...
  3. S

    Sell as is or tidy up old terrace ready for reno

    We have a small terrace in a Sydney hotspot we want to sell to use the funds more productively. The problem is that is has been left to go to ruin (the buck stops here irregardless). Its still solid but would only be a renovation/extension option. A couple of terraces further up the block are...
  4. C

    No interest! Would you hold, sell VF???

    Hi all Due to the oversupply of rentals in the current Canberra market, I am having difficulties renting my 1-br unit (7 weeks and counting…. others have been advertised for longer). The PM is great and we are doing all we can to keep the interest – lowering rent ($40/week and lowering)...
  5. C

    Advising the tenant of intentions to sell

    Hi everyone I am looking to sell and would like to approach the tenant to see if they're interested (don't know either way). Can I do this by contacting them directly by letter in the mailbox, Dear tenant....... or must it be done through the PM?? They have kept the place in excellent...
  6. wantstohelp

    Buying or selling in the next 12 months?

    Hi guys, I am starting a new business to help people thinking of buying or selling a property. I am asking for your help to ensure the usefulness of the service. I just need a few people to complete a quick survey regarding their thoughts on buying or selling property. It should take you...
  7. Paradise4Sale

    Selling privately or with real estate agent?

    Hi all, We're considering selling our unique real estate Wongawallan, Qld privately. We've built a website as a starting point: Have any of you been through this process and how did you find it? Did you use a private company for marketing/advertising? If so...
  8. D

    Selling decision? House in Truganina VIC or Apartment in Lidcombe NSW

    Hi everyone, I am holding two investment properties: . 2 bedroom apartment in Lidcombe NSW (4yrs) . 4 bedroom house in Truganina VIC (1yr) I intend to sell one of them but unsure which one I should sell and which I should keep. Would appreciate if you could share your...
  9. Tiggy

    Property managers entitled to sales commission?

    We want to sell our IP and intend to give the current tenants first option to buy. If the tenants did want to buy it are we under any obligation to pay the property managers any sales commission? They won't have anything to do with the actual sale but could argue they were the ones who found...
  10. jsoe

    selling your house to a developer

    I can't help but wonder how good some developers are. They know means and ways to snatch up prime properties that are not even on the market, and BOOM! they build up these big fat brand new blocks of units. I was driving down the street the other day in a leafy quiet residential area when I...
  11. C

    Building Two Double Storey Dwellings

    I am building two new double storey dwellings with in Glen Eira council boundaries. I would certainly need your help and advice as to whats the best approach would be as this is the first time for me.... I have engaged the drafts person who did my town planning application to prepare for...
  12. D

    Selling a property: Any one have a checklist?

    Hi, Does anyone have a checklist they have used to sell a property ie 1) Find an agent (How to select them?, what questions to ask them?) 2) Get contract of sale drawn up by your solicitor 3) etc 4) etc The property is in Vic if this makes any difference. cheers :)
  13. S

    Selling an unfinished house

    I would like to sell an unfinished house but don't know where to start. It started as a renovation, under Home-Owner Builder, but seven years later no progress and now want to sell the house as is. Where do I start? What do I need? Is there hope of selling the house? Need advice.
  14. agitated

    Sell or Rent?

    Hi everyone, just joined and Trying to research whats the best thing to do for my current situation. We have just moved into a rental property (paying $580 a week for a 4 bedder) in a suburb we wanted to live in after being in our PPOR for the last six years (in chipping norton), in which we...