1. Alex P Keaton

    Spare momentum wealth seminar ticket tues 25th

  2. Alex P Keaton

    Mark Bouris Gavin Hegney and Andrew Winters in Perth July 22

    Anyone going to the Burswood to see Mark Bouris, Gavin Hegney and Andrew Winters speak? There was an ad in the Sunday times! There's a link here Niche Market Update - Event Thursday July 22 8am - 12pm or 12 pm - 4 pm $145 Sounds interesting! :) Andrew Winters Andrew has carved out...
  3. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Sept 29th / Investing in the USA

    Property investing in the USA - How to Hello everyone! This month at BIG we're discussing investing in USA property and have two presenters, Geoff Webster and Tracey Bryan to share their experiences with us. They will be discussing the pros and cons, areas of interest, financing, cash flow...
  4. Ryan Love

    March Market Review - Ryan Love

    Do you want to BEAT THE FINANCIAL CRISIS? Join us for our March Market Review. Ryan Love, co-founder of Apex Partners will provide an insighful look into the current state of financial markets and the economy and provide his outlook for the remainder of 2009. The seminar will last for...
  5. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Feb 24th / Joint Ventures and Syndications

    Better Investing Group Meeting 24th February, 2009 Guest Speakers Jonathan Vuong Chris Vitale Hello everyone! This month we have two speakers who have experience with buying investments with other parties and entities. There are many different structures and ways to invest as a...