small investments

  1. tempura

    property price negotiation - private sale

    i'll keep it brief :) 2 questions only. i am asking this from buyer's perspective. :confused: 1. In the same building but higher level, there was a 40 sqm unit sold for $x. The sale just happened 2 weeks ago. Can I use the following method to calculate the price for a 20 sqm unit at a...
  2. tempura

    < 50 sqm - 20% deposit

    I understand that for a unit < 50 sqm, lender would only want to lend out up to 80% only. I am very hesitant to use my liquid money to pay out the 20%. Do I have any other option/s to pay this 20% deposit? I have researched SMSF and it seems it's no go for me.
  3. tempura

    Studio or 1 Bedroom - Under 300k (Syd)

    We've been looking for a unit for my mom to stay in. Budget is under 300k. Being Asian descent, I would prefer to put her in a suburb where Chinese/Cantonese would be either the majority or 2nd biggest group of the ethnic group. This is purely for her to be able to blend in easily to the...
  4. M

    Small Investments $50k-$250k

    I’m looking into purchasing small investments like car spaces or marine berthing – singular purchases $50k-$200k or so each. Can anyone advise on investments like this? Anyone here who owns, or has owned such investments and can share some information? I’ve done a small amount of...