1. A

    Management Software

    I'm self managing my property in WA. I have been using which is ok. What other programs do self managers use?
  2. B

    What Rental Management Software to use

    My wife and I own and manage 6 units. We have just bought another block of 7 units. Currently we just use spreadsheets etc. to manage the rent due and arrears. We really need software to ensure we keep on top of this with the extra units. We just want to enter rent received each week and for the...
  3. Spades

    Any recommendations on unlocking Iphone 3?

    Hi All, My neighbor was throwing an iphone 3 after her husband passed away. The phone is locked to 3 network. I've tried redsn0w but did not work. Can anyone recommend software to unlock without the added add-ons? Or would it be worth a shot to ring my current provider to get it...
  4. D

    Question for Property Valuer - Valuepro feedback

    Hello all, I'm just wondering if you have heard of ValuePro software before? A few of my friends in the industry have used this and i've got some mix reviews. I'm hoping to get some objective feedback on the software? And good and bads to share? Also, if not ValuePro what would you use...
  5. J

    Software to track rent received from Tenants

    Can anyone recommend either an excel spreadsheet with calculations or a small software programme that can be used to track rental payments from Tenants and can then print a Rental Ledger when required. I currently self manage two properties and track payments in excel which is fine when the...
  6. P

    Property Investment Management Software

    No doubt this has been asked before, but I would like to know if anyone is using and recommends purchasing property investment software. I have found a couple of products and am wondering if such software is useful for keeping track of the properties I have bought. Here they are: Property...
  7. Kent Cliffe

    My Search Software - Target out of area agents

    Hi All, This has nothing to do with Momentum Wealth as I've been interested in property before I started with them. This project has been done 100% by me. A little project of mine was to target out of area agents to put offers on properties. The reason for this includes: 1) They didn't...
  8. A

    Enhancement query re Somersoft PIA

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, and I couldn't see it mentioned in a search of previous posts, but could I suggest that PIA be changed to include date of completion of property construction to allow correct calculation of depreciation over the full periods of loans...