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    Losing faith/trust in lawyers (selling property)

    Have any of you been with a lawyer when selling a property that you begin to wonder if they can handle the money transfer part of the settlement even? The lawyer I am using will not admit he made a mistake when he exchanged contracts and put down 1 month extra in the settlement period instead...
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    Franchise Solicitor recomendations for Melbourne

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right area, if not please kindly tell me so. I'm currently looking at getting involved in another franchised business and am looking for a new Solicitor who understands Franchising, and Trusts. Wondering if you guys could throw up some...
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    Conveyancer or solicitor??

    I very well may cringe at asking this question but here goes. Talking with a fellow investor recently, we were discussing the costs of legal services for purchases. I used a solicitor where he used a conveyancing firm. While I am not so concerned about the costs, knowing that he uses the...
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    Its nice to have OPTIONS

    I'm interested in exploring an 'OPTION to BUY' for my next investment property or development. Has anyone done this before? (experiences please). Better still does anyone have a document they have used in the past? Can anyone recommend a solicitor in Toowoomba or Brisbane that is...
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    Suing property manager solicitor Syd please

    Suing property manager, any recommendations for a solicitor in western Sydney Parramatta area. My local solicitor suggested a person more specialised in this area of law. Know anyone who manages these cases?
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    One week before settlement - What happens?

    Hi all, I am a first home buyer (NSW) and I am not familiar with the process, so please excuse the very basic questions :) Settlement is due in just over a week (December 2) and I am wondering what is supposed to happen at this stage. About 2 weeks ago I called my solicitor for an...
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    Solicitor in Melbourne

    Hi All, We're moved from NSW to VIC and looking to buy a property. Would anyone recommend a good solicitor in Melbourne? The one that will read the contract and adivse us about any pitfalls. We had an excellent one in Sydney and looking for a same quality here. Regards, Tanya
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    Mortgage broker vs Mortgage advisor?

    What is the consensus view on this?