1. S

    Is an ensuite addition possible?

    Hi all, Seeking advice from builders/architects/gun renovators out there. Looking at this property layout, would it be possible to add an ensuite between northern property boundary and 4.2x3.4m bedroom. As the property stands, there is 900mm width between the northern wall of the bedroom and...
  2. Richard Feynman

    Today was a huge day for humanity.

    Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla) has unveiled a new reusable space rocket which will utterly revolutionise and dramatically change space travel forever, making it orders of magnitude cheaper to get humans and cargo into space: And Microsoft/skype have demonstrated a highly...
  3. Richard Feynman

    To date, around 1700 planets have been discovered outside our solar system.

    Considering how long we've been looking (not very) and the obtuseness of our detection methods/instruments until very recently, that is a LOT. I find this stuff indescribably moving. Our blue dot is becoming paler by the minute.
  4. M

    Building Garage with an Apartment Studio

    I live in Northern part of melbourne. More precisely Meadow Heights. I was thinking about building double garage and a small apartment at the top. I was quoted $100k. If I decided to sell the house, would this sort of construction add the same $100k value to the overall property price? My...
  5. Floor plan

    Floor plan