special levies

  1. tempura

    strata fee - special levy

    a very simple question, i hope some lights to be shed on. building that I am about to purchase a unit on, has shown extensive concrete spalling. there are 20 units in the building, so special levy would be 120,000/20 = 6000 per unit. I don't mind forking out this money to get it fixed ... BUT...
  2. A

    Waterproof issues in prospective unit purchase

    Hi All, We are looking to purchase a unit in a building, built only 6 years ago, but the builder was not very good and the waterproofing has failed in many places. Sadly for the original owners they were not able to recover money from the since bankrupted builder. In the last 3 years since...
  3. A

    "special levy".....???

    Hi Guys, perchased my first IP about a month ago and just received a letter from Body Corp re: Water expenses and having insufficient funds to meet financial commitments. Now in a block of 8 they are asking me to pay $1044 for a "water charges and fund shortage levy".......Does that...