1. Alex P Keaton

    Ready built homes V House & Land packages

    Ready built homes Versus House & Land packages Is there much profit to be made (equity gain) buying pre built houses compared to if you buy a house and land package ?? I'm thinking you would make more money if you went and bought the house and land package but just wondering if I could...
  2. A

    Self Representing on Settlement - Excel Templates

    Hi There, I have decided to self represent on my settlements from now on and would like to know if anyone has an Excel template that calculates the rates and taxes that are apportioned to the Buyer and Seller and also can produce a settlement statement as well? Much appreciated.
  3. Daniel Cameron

    Rent to Own Spreadsheet

    Rent to Own. Rent to Buy. Wrap. Doesn't matter has anyone got a spreadsheet they can forward [email protected] though i can and probably will make my own I'm looking for a quick solution now!
  4. N

    How to supply expenses to accountant after renovation?

    Hi There, Just hoping for some advice re. supplying details of our expenses after we recently renovated our investment property. I am completely dumb when it comes to knowing whats claimable and whats not (which is why we have an accountant) but i do like to make it as easy as possible for...