1. Modern Kitchen

    Modern Kitchen

    Main residence kitchen... - stainless steel bench - miele appliance's - charcoal and white 2-pac - glass splashback
  2. Stainless Kitchen - After

    Stainless Kitchen - After

    This is the after - total budget including appliances, benches with inbuilt sinks, lighting - $6K (we splurged a bit 'cos its our PPOR) and we can't find any decent IP to spend our money on :p
  3. Stainless Kitchen - Before

    Stainless Kitchen - Before

    this is the kitchen in our PPOR after we took it over from tenants .... Excuse the furry intruders ... the idea was they were allowed in the new place till we renovated then they could become outside dogs... didn't happen :-)
  4. Stainless kitchen update

    Stainless kitchen update

    This is the renovation with pre-fabricated stainless benches fitted (overkill for an IP maybe but this was a PPOR) with white knight laminate paint to all other laminate surfaces, the rangehood (previously cream) was spray painted aluminium to match
  5. Before - pink laminate and late 80's style

    Before - pink laminate and late 80's style

    This is the pink (salmon?) laminate kitchen prior to renovation (well - one stainess bench fitted, and prior to painting)