stamp duty

  1. N

    Borrowing gov charges

    Say i had a 17500 deposit for a 350k house 5% is there Anychance you couldraise the deposit and borrow more to pay for insurance and stampduty ect?
  2. K

    Ppor Title transfer pre subdivision to trust

    Hi Bit of background info: I've spoken with a property accountant and worked out that we are going to set up a unit trust with my husband and I as beneficiaries. We are going to buy, Reno and rent out property with the occasional flip. We currently have our ppor in nsw and are in the midst...
  3. A

    Transfer Duty Exemption - Renting out property within 12 months

    Hi all, I bought my first place in November last year in QLD and claimed the transfer duty exemption. In September this year I'll be going overseas for a few months and would like to rent out the place. Cognisant of the requirement to live in the place for 12 months after claiming the...
  4. B

    Structure of IP2 Loan

    Hello, I'm looking at purchasing my second IP in the near future. I have a loan of 320k for IP1. IP1 currently valued approx 450k. I was looking at using the equity available as deposit for IP2. From what I can gather, my available equity will be 40k ? Am looking at IP2 approx value 280k...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    Budget threat to first home buyers - Article

    From Reiwa - Budget threat to First Home Buyers I hope stamp duty concession remains in place for fhb! I'm selling ATM. Budget Threat to First Home Buyers PREMIER COLIN BARNETT has made it clear that the state budget due in May will need to make cuts and raise revenue. REIWA is...
  6. L

    Convert PPOR to IP and release equity

    This might seem obvious, but I bought my wife's unit. We both met at a later age, I had some cash from selling a previous property, she had a 160k mortgage on her unit, so after we got married we had it valued and I paid her $360k. 2 years later we moved to our freshly built new house and the...
  7. D

    Upgrading PPOR in the ACT

    Hello, First time poster, long time reader. To start with, of course I will be speaking to an accountant about this, but thought I would pick some brains here too. If I am to buy a house in the ACT now and rent it out immediately for, say, a year, is the stamp duty on my purchase still...
  8. aniket25

    Stamp duty on Land in NSW

    Hi, I am planning to buy land to build an IP. The land price is between 550k to 635k. I am not sure if i have to pay Stamp duty on it or not. Am i eligible for any exemption or benefits. Thanks, Nik.
  9. B

    Planning to buy our first home...

    Hi everyone, We are planning to buy our first home in North-West Sydney. We are moving to Sydney from Brisbane this month. We have heard that if we buy our first home before 31/12/2011 we will get the first home buyer grant as well as stamp duty concession. But from 1/1/2012 we will not get...
  10. A

    2 IP's On Same Settlement Date

    Hi, Hoping someone here can help out with a little advice. We have a contract on a unit which is to settle on 23rd March 2011. We have just had an offer accepted on another unit, also to settle on 23rd March 2011. Both in Adelaide, SA. I remember reading about saving on purchase costs...
  11. brendio

    Selling House and land separately - Stamp duty and CGT implications

    I got a draft contract of sale from our solicitor for the purchase of our development property by our trust, as detailed in my other post. As brief background here, we are relocating the current house on the property. The property with be subdivided, and then one block sold back to mum with the...
  12. M

    How to determine "Market Value" of the property?

    Hi All, Another question. Suppose I want to "sell" my property to my Family Trust. Per SRO Vic requirements, I have to pay stamp duty on the sale price or market value (whichever is greater). In this case, I would need to use the Market Value. But how is the Market Value of my property...
  13. M

    What is the Stamp Duty when transferring to Trust?

    Hi guys, I am interested in setting up a Discretionary Trust (Family Trust) to hold my investment property. This property is currently in my name, but I would like to transfer it to my Trust (so that the trust owns it instead). What would be the stamp duty (or other transfer costs) I...
  14. Munchine

    myHomeCalc iphone app, your thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, I thought you may be interested in an app I have just released on the iPhone. Below is a brief summary, and you can get more details by clicking on The app dynamically link in Stamp Duty with your mortgage and calculates LMI, LVR, cost of land, and the Auction...
  15. J

    Buying off family and renting back to them

    Hi Folks, Long time reader, first time contributor. Just needing advice on helping out my parents living in Sydney (I live in WA) who are having problems paying their mortgage. They want me to purchase their family home below market value (approx $50-$60k) and rent it back to them at market...
  16. awsydney

    Huge $$ savings tip

    I accidentally stumbled upon this one recently which saved me over $21,000. I was interested in a brand new apartment in Erskinville, Sydney which cost $610,000. Due to the NSW's government's stimulus plan, all home buyers get 50% off the stamp duty on newly built homes up to only $600,000...
  17. B

    Stamp duty as a tax deduction in the ACT - but purchased off the plan

    I am struggling to find information on this online, and the ATO aren't being particularly helpful. I'm sure someone else has come up against this so figured I would ask. I have purchased a unit off the plan in Canberra. Purchased in 2008, stamp duty paid in June 2009. However, the unit is...