1. M

    What's a 6sqm storage garage in Brisbane CBD worth to rent?

    Hi all, As part of the apartment I purchased some 11 years ago, a storage cage was thrown in for free. It's a 6sqm one on the ground floor with a roller-door+lock. Naturally access is probably restricted to only tenants of the building, or during business hours if the serviced apartment...
  2. grantwhit

    Getting rid of 2nd toilet

    Hey folks, Just after some feedback on an idea I am proposing. Our current ppor has a small WC off the laundry that has a toilet and a 100mm recess for a shower including incoming pipework (incomplete reno from previous owner (all on suspended slab)). The place also has no storage other than...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Fully furnished or in storage ?

    I'm thinking of moving out of my PPOR and boarding for a couple of years or so as to save some money. I'm looking into the pros and cons of keeping my ppor studio unit fully furnished or whether to store my goods. Financially it would be cheaper to rent my ppor fully furnished wouldn't it? I...
  4. new storage complex

    new storage complex

    where are the concretors?? this is such a beautiful block, such a shame to put storage units on here.