strata report

  1. tempura

    strata fee - special levy

    a very simple question, i hope some lights to be shed on. building that I am about to purchase a unit on, has shown extensive concrete spalling. there are 20 units in the building, so special levy would be 120,000/20 = 6000 per unit. I don't mind forking out this money to get it fixed ... BUT...
  2. tempura

    Making offer then do reports

    Is there anything wrong with this way of purchasing property: 1. Make offer 2. If accepted, then sign contract. 3. Quickly do Building & Pest, Strata, Valuation reports. 4. Consult Solicitor. 5. If something is pear shape then cool off. ? The risk of the above is: penalty of cool-off...
  3. tempura

    Offer before all due diligence

    These days, can you still do all due diligence (strata, b&p, value etc) before submitting an offer? In my experience, the answer is No. Before we even got time to do all of these, agent will encourage you to submit an offer; he will word it in such way that "if you like it, I would...
  4. tempura

    Buying process - what to sort out before agreeing on the price?

    I am a noob so please do correct me if i'm wrong :D Before we start with Contract Exchange .... and even before we agreeing to the price, we need to do this due diligence: Building and Pest Inspection Strata Report Amendment on Title (If Any) Is this correct? If so, I would...
  5. C

    How do I make the figures add up?

    I have a strata report for an investment property unit we are looking at and can't make sense of the Balance sheet. (and I'm an accountant!) There's two areas: Owners' funds and then there is an area under that which says "Represented by:" which lists assets less liabilities to give net...