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    Strata title on a duplex

    Hi Wondering if anyone has done a strata title on a duplex? I am currently researching a 2x 2 bed 1 bath duplex in Rockhampton. The market looks low there and it will be a buy and hold investment. They could do with a little reno and seems ready to strata as well. Firewall installed...
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    Strata title an attached granny flat

    Does any one know if we can Strata title an existing granny flat? It is in Camden council,450 sqm, corner block.Main house facing primary st.Attached granny flat facing secondary street. If yes Can I sell them separately? Joe
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    Looking for JV to do strata titling

    Hi Everyone I am looking for someone to JV with to find blocks of units and strata title them and then eventually sell. The JV I am looking for is to go in 50 / 50 for everything. Someone who has time during the week to get together form a criterias for the properties we select Someone...
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    Melb Property Meeting Mon 17th Feb - Strata subdivision secrets for profit!

    Hi to all Melbournites, The Melbourne Property Meeting group is proud to have sophisticated property investor Mark Kelman come and share his secrets on how he has profited using Strata Subdivisions as a strategy. At the meeting, Mark will cover: How to find good strata subdivision deals...
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    Building insurance for strata duplex with no body corp

    Hi Finance has gone unconditional on 1 strata titled duplex in perth which is in a group of 4, but has no body corp. I am trying to arrange building insurance but heaps of the insurers dont seem to cover building insurance for strata (eg qbe, terry scheer) - contents only. Anyone have...
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    Insurance for 2 lot strata

    Hi Has anyone had experience with insuring a property on a 2 lot strata in Western Australia. We are having trouble finding a Company to insure with. The previous insurer no longer insures Strata properties Do We really only require building + Contents insurance excerpt from 2 lot...
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    "special levy".....???

    Hi Guys, perchased my first IP about a month ago and just received a letter from Body Corp re: Water expenses and having insufficient funds to meet financial commitments. Now in a block of 8 they are asking me to pay $1044 for a "water charges and fund shortage levy".......Does that...
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    Raising a Queenslander

    Hi Folks, I live in a Queenslander that has the bottom level enclosed. But the bottom level is not at legal height. Both the top and bottom level have its own bathroom and kitchen. So basically, I have a self-contained top and bottom unit in this house. I am considering raising the house...