strata units

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    Building insurance for strata duplex with no body corp

    Hi Finance has gone unconditional on 1 strata titled duplex in perth which is in a group of 4, but has no body corp. I am trying to arrange building insurance but heaps of the insurers dont seem to cover building insurance for strata (eg qbe, terry scheer) - contents only. Anyone have...
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    Car space described as "storage space" in contract

    Hi This is my first post. My wife and I recently signed a contract to buy a 1-bedroom apartment off the plan in a 130+ apartment development in the City of Sydney council area. In our discussions with the sales agent we were offered the option of purchasing a "car parking space" with the...
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    Issues related to strata property

    Have posted some information and practical advice that may be useful when buying strata property in NSW: Issues related to owners corporation, strata managers, BMC, legal etc.
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    Waterproof issues in prospective unit purchase

    Hi All, We are looking to purchase a unit in a building, built only 6 years ago, but the builder was not very good and the waterproofing has failed in many places. Sadly for the original owners they were not able to recover money from the since bankrupted builder. In the last 3 years since...
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    Strata title block of units

    Could you advise how long it would take and how costly it might be to strata a block of 6 units in regional NSW? Has this been successful for anyone? I am looking to split up and sell on some of the block and keep some for rental investment.