1. C

    Strata title on a duplex

    Hi Wondering if anyone has done a strata title on a duplex? I am currently researching a 2x 2 bed 1 bath duplex in Rockhampton. The market looks low there and it will be a buy and hold investment. They could do with a little reno and seems ready to strata as well. Firewall installed...
  2. K

    Bylaw info prior to settlement

    Hi, This is my first IP and we were due to settle today. We have hit a problem. In a final title search prior to settlement, we found there are 2 bylaws that needed further attention. One related to renovations on a lot, the other we are having trouble finding more information about. We know...
  3. M

    Noise above in multi story unit complex

    Hi all, Just moved into my new joint which a a 14 story unit. I'm hearing the regular squelch noise like someone is backing out of their chair or pushing a table across the floor in the morning and at night. Sometime sis frequent as in 5 or 6 times within a 5 minute period. I also hear...
  4. M

    Exec committee not approving flooring underlay

    Hi all, Wanted your experience with dealing with Exec Committee when they do not approve your floating floorboard installation because the underlay does not meet their ridiculous criteria. I am using top of the range underlay which meets BCA standards. The Bi-law for the complex just...
  5. S

    Development Application for Strata Common Wall Increase

    Interesting case - in a building that is constituted by Residential strata and Commercial strata, commercial owners have decided to increase the common wall and despite no consent from residential owners, submitted a DA which was approved by the council...
  6. Results

    Melb Property Meeting Mon 17th Feb - Strata subdivision secrets for profit!

    Hi to all Melbournites, The Melbourne Property Meeting group is proud to have sophisticated property investor Mark Kelman come and share his secrets on how he has profited using Strata Subdivisions as a strategy. At the meeting, Mark will cover: How to find good strata subdivision deals...
  7. A

    Dealing with after-hours emergencies

    What do I do if I need after-hours emergency maintenance service when the strata is closed? Can I directly call a service and later get the money reimbursed by the strata? What if they say it wasn't an emergency in the first place and I could have waited until the normal business hours? What...
  8. A

    Are stains on the wall due to leakage covered by the strata levy?

    If there is a leakage coming from the unit above mine resulting in stains on my internal walls, do I have a right to claim it? If it is something that can be wiped off, I'd just wipe it off but if this happens in a freshly painted unit, what should I do?
  9. P

    Ways to deter certain "types" of Tenants

    I am planning to rent out my IP and my IP is a strata-ed 1970s block building in an inner city suburb. Some background in our area: - I am based in Ground level - Our building has 2 government housing unit currently rented to an emigrant family and a single man in his late 40s. Both...
  10. C

    How much to admin fund?

    Just got a strata report for IP unit we are about to buy. Strata is high - and the majority of it is going towards $25000 p.a admin fund (+$1000 p.a in sinking) Total expenditure in the last 6 months is only $5000 so I'm trying to work out where the other $20000 is going to go. Also, if...
  11. Richard Feynman

    Buying a car space from a neighbour.

    Anyone done (or considered) this? Specifically, negotiating and executing the purchase and re-titling of an allocated car space in a strata complex. Simply curious.
  12. S

    Third year of defects rectification in a new property

    Defects rectification process in a strata apartment A set of posts with details and timeline of the real defect rectification process for a strata apartment in Sydney: First post of the series...
  13. digs75

    145% Increase in Strata Fees

    Got the shock of my life recently when i received my latest strata fees to be notified that the quarterly rate has jumped 145% to $1280 p/q. Building is 38 years old, 21 units in total and due to a previous low sinking fund and capital works required the hefty fees have been agreed upon by...
  14. D

    Strata Manager Penalty Fees

    I am a PM and have recently seen a massive increase in fees being charged by Strata Managers to owners for late payment of accounts. These fees are paid to the Strata Manager and not to the Body Corporate. For example, one Strata Manager in Canberra applies a fee of $44 if payment is not made...
  15. T

    Subdivide then build or visa versa? Finance implications

    Hi there, So having finally bought my first property I'm now looking to subdivide and build on the back lot. I am faced with two options and am having a bit of trouble working out the best way to go. (note I am in WA, so i'm not sure if the jargon will differ for other states): Option 1 -...
  16. A

    How to claim money back from the strata?

    I had to get a locksmith to open up a faulty lock. The locksmith has been already paid for his services. How do I now go back to strata and claim back the money? If I just send them the invoice and explain the situation, will that be enough?
  17. streetie

    Removing a wall in a strata apartment ?

    Hi, I've recently moved into my apartment I bought and I want to knock down a wall . I've already been in the ceiling and it's not a load bearing wall which is good news. I found out the next door neighbors also knocked that wall out when they renovated. I called strata today to find out the...
  18. S

    Leaking balcony

    Hello, I suspect this has been asked before but I was hoping for some advice about a balcony leak in my rental property. I've been advised by the Stata that the unit below mine has water penetrating into their kitchen roof, which is below my balcony. The strata engaged plumbers to...
  19. A

    Strata asked me to get quotation...

    We have a slightly damaged timber floorboards in our unit. I reported this to strata. They advised me they will try to get it covered by their insurance and asked me to send them quotations for the job. Should the strata get the quotations or do I have to get the quotation? Is the...
  20. J

    Strate fees on units

    Hi. I am undertaking a feasibility study on subdivision and buidling units at back of exisitng house. The land surveyor has gone on hols so am looking for estimate firstly for survey fees on 1700 m2 block, splitting exisitng house and 700m2 off front, and building 4 units in back block...