1. johnthetechguy

    How do I ensure $44K 'bulding deposit' is tax deductible if settlement is in 1 year?

    I am buying a 'pre-stage 1' property (off the plan) for which I need to outlay $44,000 as a deposit towards the building costs. I assume I want all costs towards the property to be tax deductible, including this $44K amount. I have already paid $4K by credit card, with $40K due. How do I...
  2. Results

    'Crack the Property Code' Workshops May 2014

    Hi all, We thought we'd let you know about the exciting workshops that we are doing around the country this May. You will be able to hear from two of Australia's foremost Property Mentors - Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly - along with Australia's Leading Independent Property Market Analyst...
  3. S

    What next in our investment journey?

    Hi all, Sorry for a long post. We need some guidance from you. In January 2012, we bought a 3x1 duplex half in Langford, WA. The house value has increased by 25% to 300K now. (The initial price itself was low as it was a mortgagee sale) We used that equity gain to buy a 3x1 R20/30 in Gosnells...
  4. P

    Renovations and profits

    Hi, I am looking at doing renovations to earn an income (whilst still working 9-5). There is so much material out there about reno's, tips & tricks but I really want to know how profitable renovating and selling properties is - especially if you want to 'buy, renovate and sell' v.s 'buy...
  5. T

    How do I get my investment strategy right from the start?

    Hi guys, I am a newb to investing and a newb to Somersoft (hi all!). My question is regarding getting the right investment strategy from the start: I am passionate about educating myself and have read a couple of books and attended a bunch of seminars (but no formal training), and I know there...
  6. Alex P Keaton

    Specializing in Two Suburbs - Pros & Cons

    A strategy that I'm thinking of implementing is to become a specialist at investing in 2 suburbs. The 2 suburbs are 7 km from Perth's CBD. I already have some experience in these two suburbs having grown up around there and I just recently bought my first ip there. Just off the top of my head...