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    Confused about structure NOOOOBBBIEE

    Disclaimer: Apologies in advance. I feel like I've read the whole internet and watched every investors video but I'm, STILL a Noob. I've already made my first couple of mistakes and a hoping to glean some insight from you experienced types on where to go from here. I am single, 35, earn...
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    Investment financial structue.

    Hi all I currently have an and simplicity plus home loan that has been made interest only as the home is now an investment property with approx $110,000 in equity. I have another investment loan of $35,000 and 2 credit cards totalling $20,000 in debt. I want to buy and duplicate IP's moving...
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    Advice required on structure of property ownership/loan

    Hi All, Due to a growing family my wife and I are planning to sell our existing house and pool our funds together with my mother-in-law to upgrade to a new PPOR for us all to live together in. Once moved in my wife and I are keen to look at purchasing our first IP (separate from...
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    Discharge our home loan now?

    We've paid off our house and want to invest in a property. We have the money sitting in an offset account and haven't discharged the mortgage on our home yet. Should we borrow for IP from the same bank? Is there any benefit to discharging the mortgage (security?)? Thanks.
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    Taking over Mortgage

    I am interested in hearing from people that have taken over other people's mortgages and have had the title transferred in your name via a take over deed or similar. How did you structure the deal and what your experience was like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking over...
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    When to use offset and redraw?

    Hi All Long time follower of ss but first time poster :) I have read a number of posts in relation to this topic already and am somewhat :confused: so apologies in advance... My simplified understanding is as below…I would be grateful if someone can please shed light in respect to tax...
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