structuring investments

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    Hybrid Trust Finance

    Hi All, I've been doing some research as I planning to purchase my 3rd IP and I am re-evaluating whether a hybrid trust is right for me. The benefits sound great but how practical is this set-up for obtaining finance? From what I've read it seems lenders are steering clear of these...
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    Ownership structure

    Ownership structure Our home property in SA can be divided into 9 blocks. I have 5 children and want to give them a block each. I need some guidance on the best way to set this up. We have been told that we have to pay CGT on each block which could mean a tax bill of upto $400,000 on money...
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    Starting off correctly - help with structure and finance options

    My situation is as follows, Im a permanent resident (based in WA) - newly arrived to the country - currently employed (PAYG) but still on probation period...(currently has an effect on me obtaining higher LVR loans...) Currently have about 150k to invest and would also like to put down some...