student accommodation

  1. Lucky88

    Newcastle student accommodation article

    Hi all Haven't posted for a while. Life's been hectic. Sold PPOR just before Christmas,literally DAYS ahead of bulldozers trashing our quiet haven to build 70 town houses. Moved to our IP where hopefully we are safe. Now looking to find another IP and have been scouring northwards.Hi...
  2. T

    Buying without certification - bargain or brainless?

    Hi gang. This is my first post. :) I am looking at buying my second investment property, in the Ipswich area (4304, 4305). An interesting property is on the market only a stone's throw away from the University, close to transport links, shops etc. Its on a 825m2 corner block on a quiet...
  3. A

    Purchasing an apartment- new to property

    Hi All, I'm preparing to purchase an apartment in Melbourne. This will be my first property. Depending on where I can afford to buy I may/may not live in it. Preferably I will be living in it. I was looking at some student accommodation in Carlton, but after reading someone elses post, I'm not...