1. tr450

    One title, two dwellings

    Hi there, My parents are looking to downsize their PPOR/free up some cash and I am looking for a place to call "home" for a few months of the year while I am not working. The plan is to buy a property together. We have found a property that we feel is suitable - 3 bed house with a 2 bed...
  2. H

    Realistic Time Frame for Studio build

    Hello, I am after some feedback from anyone who has had a "Games room " built on their property, as a cheaper alternative to a "Grannyflat". Want to find out the minimum Time frame to complete this and the Approx total cost of materials and building costs. Land has been cleared mostly...
  3. S

    IP Myths: Unit CG vs House CG

    That houses produce significantly better Cg than units seems to be one of those real estate truisms that gets constantly repeated. I'm no expert but it seems to me that it can't be logically true. If houses constantly significantly outperformed units in capital growth, over the time the price...