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    Perth Property Meeting 27 May - Lets Get Creative ...

    As most or all of you would be aware the Perth market has been slowing down recently and a recent NAB report suggested that this would be the case for the next one to two years with negative growth likely. So it?s time to think a little differently on HOW you invest and even perhaps WHERE you...
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    Frankston (Sth) IP 3Br 600sqm Extend or Subdivide?

    Bought a Frankston (VIC) IP few years ago, 3Br old weather-board house on a concrete slab. House is very basic but in average living condition, currently rented out. The house is in a good pocket close to Frankston/FrankstonSouth boundary, few hundred metres from Frankton high school. The plan...
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    Strathalbyn SA or Bundury WA

    Hi Would love some input and suggestions/advice on these areas. I am looking at completing a simple sub division (one block into two) in either area. Strathalbyn SA - Is located in a street close to the town centre. Will be purchasing land to then build two houses that could also have...
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    Next steps to build a unit at the rear/sub-divide

    Hi All, I am new member of this forum thought have read a few posts. I bought a property with Council approval to build a single story unit at the rear of the existing single story house in the front. I want to confirm that I understand the next steps and questions on some of the...
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    Strategy advice please

    Hi everyone, I am new to somersoft and would appreciate some advice for my next steps regarding IPs. My ultimate goal is generate a passive income through property. However for the shorter term I'm interested in buying property to increase my wealth. In August last year with the use of a...
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    Dual Occupancy / Sub Division Blacktown Council

    Hi all, I am a first home buyer and willing to buy a house in Blacktown. Current Situation; >Like a house in Blacktown >Size 690 sqm >Front Width: 15.4 mtrs >Lot Depth: 45 mtrs >Regular Rectangle shape lot >Currently a single storey house standing in the front part I am tired of calling lot...
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    Frustrating wait for sub-division in Mitcham

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    Frustrating wait for sub-division in Mitcham

    Dear All, I purchased a house in Mitcham in December, 2009 which stands in the middle of a ~700 Sq. Meters land. Its a corner block and the house is road facing. There is ample empty space on the left and right of this house. It was sold to me as a Unit, as the builder would construct 2...