1. B

    Maximising corner block

    Hi All, I have just purchased a house on a corner block of 1400sqm and need some advice as to how to maximise the use of land behind the current dwelling. attached is a document that gives you an idea of what we are working with. The previous vendor had put in an aplication to devide the...
  2. P

    Is this a Restriction?

    Hi all, I am reading a contract of sale for a property I wanted to purchase. It he property is in nsw The Map of Subdivision show an easement for a drainage drain and furthermore a patch of area "U970101 Covenant" and "U970102 Covenant". Does anyone have any idea what these areas "U970101...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Mar 25 - Is there $$$ in them there hills - Subdividing

    Have you ever thought about subdividing a piece of land and did not know where to start, what you could do with it or what type of subdivision would be best for you? Well you are in luck as this months meeting will provide you with a lot of information on this topic. Subdivision may seem...
  4. K

    CBA, Subdivision and Discharge

    Hi to all the Comm Bank smarties out there. I have a CBA loan on a house (and large piece of land) in Victoria. Construction of 3 units is complete and the subdivision process is almost complete. I have contracts of sale on 2 units and the original house (Yeah). As settlement of all 3...
  5. N


    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and wanted to start a thread to get some advice from the brilliant minds on this forum. I have been doing ALOT of research on property development and I want to start a project of maybe a one into two block subdivision or a divide and retain to start with. I've...
  6. M

    Subdivision - Transfer Title under granny flat provisions to keep pension

    Hi all, My mum would like to transfer her fully paid off home over to me under the granny flat provisions which she qualifies under the reasonableness test amount. My concern is after receiving the title, can I demolish, subdivide and build a duplex on it (one for her to live in for life)...
  7. A

    Assistance with Subdivision Feasibility in Adelaide

    Hi Everyone, In a similar vein to this post, I’m looking at the feasibility of subdividing & building in Adelaide, though with my own money and either on my own or with one of the groups who will ‘hold your hand’ through the subdivision and sale process. I’ve opted to use a town planner in...
  8. J

    Quick Vegetation Clearing Question

    Anyone had any experience clearing Remnant Vegetation to put in house blocks? How hard is it? Dealing with Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) and any other associated departments? Experiences good or bad to share? Specifically any in Moreton Bay Regional Council?
  9. J

    Infrastructure charges- the councils way of saying Get stuffed?

    Hello all, Got a question about local infrastructure charges. My family have a 5 acre block under moreton bay council we have held for 30 years. Looking at subdividing into 9 blocks and looking at an infrastructure charges (headworks) of around $270,000. The council say that it is due "prior...
  10. E

    Subdividing in Adelaide

    Hi Everyone! I found a property on a corner allotment which is around 670sqm in size in Pooraka. The current house is situated at the front such that it may be possible to keep the it there and subdivide the land behind it (mostly backyard + rumpus + shed) and create a 300-320sqm block with a...
  11. G

    PPOR Subdivision question

    Its probably been done to death, but I would appreciate some input on the following.... I have a PPOR subdividable block on which I want to; a) build a house at the back, then b) live in it, while I demolish the other one and build a new one on the front c) sell the back one, paying no...
  12. B

    ACT dual occ / subdivision questions

    I am not familiar with this process and would appreciate some guidance. I live on a 850sqm RZ1 block in Canberra and I want to explore the option of building a second dwelling at the rear of the property. I always thought an RZ1 could not be subdivided - reading this document seams to indicate...
  13. R

    Frustrating wait for sub-division in Mitcham

    DELETED: Duplicate Post DELETED: Duplicate Post
  14. I

    Subdivide Acreage Property in Bayview Sydney

    I wanted to find out if it is possible to divide acreage property in the suburb of Bayview in Sydney. It comes under Pit****er council and I would be interested if someone has done this before or could guide me how I go about finding it
  15. C

    Subdividing Corner Block Glen Eira VIC

    Hi This is the first time I am trying to subdivide so lot of questions and confusions. I am planning to subdivide a corner block in Glen Eira City Council, VIC. Here is some information about the block:- The block comes under council's Minimal Change Area policy. Size is almost 590 m2...
  16. B

    Subdividing in Canberra

    Has anyone here had much experience with subdivisions in the ACT? I am considering purchasing a block in an RZ2 zone which, if I read it correctly on ACTPLA's site, is subdividable if it is 800sqm+. What would be the estimated ballpark cost to have this done with approvals etc? I am...