1. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Mar 25 - Is there $$$ in them there hills - Subdividing

    Have you ever thought about subdividing a piece of land and did not know where to start, what you could do with it or what type of subdivision would be best for you? Well you are in luck as this months meeting will provide you with a lot of information on this topic. Subdivision may seem...
  2. wendyNbob

    Two on a block

    We have a house in Morphett Vale worth 245k with a rent value near 200pw (clear). We want to work out if it is worth knocking down, sub-dividing and building two on the block or waiting and renting or selling and buying in a better location. This is our first attempt at subdivision and any...
  3. E

    Subdividing in Adelaide

    Hi Everyone! I found a property on a corner allotment which is around 670sqm in size in Pooraka. The current house is situated at the front such that it may be possible to keep the it there and subdivide the land behind it (mostly backyard + rumpus + shed) and create a 300-320sqm block with a...
  4. D

    Anyone doing subdivisions?

    Is anyone doing subdivisions in Brisbane or Melbourne. I want to get a feel for which city would be best to employ this strategy. Basically in 1 lot *(with a house on it) into 2 or 3 lots is what I'm looking for. Any ideas?
  5. jsoe

    homework on propert with subdividion potential

    *homework on property with subdivision potential* Hi all, We're going to have a look at a property on a large block about 900sqm tomorrow. It has the appropriate zoning for dual-occ or multiple dwelling building. It has 2 street frontages as it's a corner block, pretty level - not on a hill...