1. D

    Your subdivision profiled in our mag

    Hi all, Me the persistent journo again :) Wanting to profile someone's profitable small subdivision/splitter project in our magazine. Anyone up for it? Would involve discussing the figures as well as photos etc. Please drop me a line if you like the idea.
  2. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Mar 25 - Is there $$$ in them there hills - Subdividing

    Have you ever thought about subdividing a piece of land and did not know where to start, what you could do with it or what type of subdivision would be best for you? Well you are in luck as this months meeting will provide you with a lot of information on this topic. Subdivision may seem...
  3. S

    First home, subdivision

    Hi, Chasing some advice on my current situation and proposed investment idea. I am a first home buyer I have been looking at properties that have sufficient space to subdivide, ie around 800-1000sqm around the inner Geelong area. I'm considering one property which I anticipate will go for...
  4. D

    Surveyor Costs and Project Management Fees

    Hello forum! I am a newbie...both to the forum and the property market :) 1st Project ....Looking to buy a block of land approx 2400 sqm with an existing house in Sydney SouthWest Growth Centre very soon (currently in the contract drafting stage). The plan is to retain the existing house...
  5. K

    Ppor Title transfer pre subdivision to trust

    Hi Bit of background info: I've spoken with a property accountant and worked out that we are going to set up a unit trust with my husband and I as beneficiaries. We are going to buy, Reno and rent out property with the occasional flip. We currently have our ppor in nsw and are in the midst...
  6. J

    Re-zoning run down!

    First post, here goes! I'm curious on what everyone's understanding is with re-zoning, land uses etc. E.g I've found an amazing site, however it's zoned commercial business use. Now, surrounding the site is residential housing? If I purchased the site, I'd have to submit an application for...
  7. mattjones

    Brisbane Property Group Meeting is on Tuesday 26 August

    Hi all, Its time for our next Brisbane Property Group meeting, on Tuesday 26 August 2014; for those of you who are new to the group, we are a friendly, supportive bunch and everyone is welcome to attend. We have everyone from those who are excited yet nervous about entering the realm of...
  8. S

    is this quote for duplex subdivision plan reasonable?

    I'm planning building a duplex within Parramatta council, got a quote from survey company: $4950 for subdivision plan and $550 for draft 88B. Is this quote good?
  9. H

    Property developers

    Hi Guys, So my family have a property in the heart of Bowral, we have being informed by council that the land will be subdivied and we are waiting to find out the lot sizes. Worst case scenario is we will only be able to subdivide and allow one mroe bhouse on the bottom block. Either way the...
  10. wrexter

    First Time Subdividing

    Hi All, My wife and i have no subdivision experience but we are about to embark on our first subdivision (i can hear the scream!). We are actually assisting my mother subdivide her property in Riverton in order to then sell the existing house, build on the rear battleaxe lot. The ultimate...
  11. D

    Tasmanian small development to profile for an article

    Hi all, Looking for someone in Tasmania this time who would up for featuring as small development case study for a magazine article. Splitter block, major reno, couple of townhouses etc... If you are keen to be involved, drop me a line and we'll talk more. thanks DC4
  12. A

    Assistance with Subdivision Feasibility in Adelaide

    Hi Everyone, In a similar vein to this post, I’m looking at the feasibility of subdividing & building in Adelaide, though with my own money and either on my own or with one of the groups who will ‘hold your hand’ through the subdivision and sale process. I’ve opted to use a town planner in...
  13. D

    Subdivision - CGT & GST

    The Corner block of land next door to my PPoR has come up for sale. Currently my block is slightly too small to subdivide but if I purchase next door I could subdivide a good size block across the rear of both properties resulting in 2 houses plus a vacant lot. Currently I am putting...
  14. C

    Deposit bond

    Hi, I've secured a property with a historic stone cottage on the beach in Tasmania. After a long negotiation, I've been able to lock down the price and get indicative finance offer on the table. We have the contract subject to finance and DA. giving us 90 days till settlement. Our surveying...
  15. S

    Yarraville (VIC) 830+ Sqm Subdivision

    Hi all, am needing help with some good resources (architect & town planner) for our recently purchased property in Yarraville. NOTE: theres a heritage overlay on the existing house, however with more than 450sqm of vacant land in the back and a 2.8+ wide long driveway i'm sure things can...
  16. M

    Tax implications on property sub-division and onsell

    I am considering purchasing an existing property on a large block of land as an IP, sub-dividing the land into house/land and a separate vacant block, then selling both - hopefully with in 1 year of the initial purchase. Can anyone please advise the tax considerations / implications I...
  17. HD_ACE

    Perth development: chances?

    Hi all, senario as follows..... City of belmont. Corner block r30 692sqm. Building in centre of lot Original plan was to subdivide 280sqm off the side, build on it and keep original dwelling on its own section. But now with the new design codes coming into effect do you think this...
  18. S

    CGT or GST on sub division and new PPOR - Mildly confused

    Hello all We are about to purchase a new property with the intention of living in the house but completing an already commenced subdivision of one into three. We would be left with the main home and would sell the two lots upon registration which would be well within the 12 month period so...
  19. Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    ONe of our kitchens in a dual occupancy for a client who has created two properties from the one site.
  20. Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    Kitchen in Property Bloom dual occupancy project

    This dual occupancy development was in a premium estate and so we built two architecturally designed 4 bedroom houses as part of a dual occ. The kitchens included upgrades (to what we would normally include in our investment properties) stone benches, mirror splash backs, upgraded appliances...