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    Australian Taxation Reporter - anyone know about them?

    Hi all, I got a sales/ marketing phone call from the Australian taxation reporter - they are a subscription service. The idea is you subscribe for $539 a year, and you get bimonthly newsletters with tax updates and tips on things like tax on paid parental...
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    PDSlive share subscription

    Hi, I am looking to start a new group for PDSlive PRO subscription . if anyone interested please contact me at . The details are : We need max 10 people in the group ...
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    RP Data Subscription Sharing For NSW

    Hi Somersoftians, I'm looking to organise (or join, if one already exists) a RP Data subscription sharing group for investors interested in NSW properties. You can have access to house sales in NSW, including full address, land size, sale price, Comparative Market Analysis etc. I'm...