1. tempura

    Studio or 1 Bedroom - Under 300k (Syd)

    We've been looking for a unit for my mom to stay in. Budget is under 300k. Being Asian descent, I would prefer to put her in a suburb where Chinese/Cantonese would be either the majority or 2nd biggest group of the ethnic group. This is purely for her to be able to blend in easily to the...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    How many suburbs are too many to focus on ? 5 too many ?

    Hi How many suburbs is too many to focus on? Is 5 too many? How many do you focus on when researching and buying?
  3. D

    Investing in Western Sydney

    Hello! I'm completely new to property investment and really need some advice. I would like to spend around 350-400k on a property, probably a two bedroom unit. I want to buy in an area that will grow over the next couple years as opposed to just having a strong rental return. I've...
  4. I

    Best Perth Suburbs for Primary/High school Kids

    I spent most of my childhood with my neighbours going from pool to pool, house to house, making treehouses, playing board games, exploring/searching for fish and turtles at local creek, bike-riding, etc. I feel for my kids not having any friends in the street. Is it the norm these days or are...
  5. P

    Where to buy the family home?

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone knows any good suburbs to buy a 3 bedroom house under 850k in Sydney's inner west? Also considering other places besides the inner west - about 40min max from Sydney CBD - preferably close to a train station. Been looking at heaps of areas but nothing...
  6. S

    South Lake, WA - Thumbs up or Down?

    Was just inquiring about this region... it seems, there is little info as it is just considered to be part of Cockburn Area. Any local insights ? Things to look for/to avoid in considering buying an IP with Buy&Reno&Hold strategy? Thanks!!!
  7. S

    List of bad suburbs in WA

    Any suggestions on the 'bad' suburbs in South-west (Kwinana-direction), North-west (Joondalop - direction) in Perth region? 'Bad' means anything you consider not worth investing in, i.e. commission housing, crime rates, low growth, etc.
  8. A

    Buying our very first propery!

    Hey all! we have finally decided to buy our first house! Our budget is somewhere between 350000k-375000k only. cant afford something more than this. We and my wife are both aged 27 yrs. We are novice and need some advice. We are confused between few suburbs and just cant decide as to where...
  9. S

    Whose suburb data is reliable? Anyone's?!

    Hi. I'm just getting started in IP and am trying to do basic research on a number of areas. I'm wondering whose data people use and find to be reliable. I have some concerns about a number of suburb reports available on the web. For example if I look up Potts Point - which I know well - on...
  10. Near-abandoned shopping strip

    Near-abandoned shopping strip

    More from the cheap suburbs series.