1. mixedup

    Salary Sac to Super vs Putting $ on IP Loan???

    It seems much better to put any spare money (from your job) to super via salary sacrifice then it does to take it and put it on your IP loan. I've put my notes/calculations below. Just after some confirmation I'm not missing something here or made a mistake in calculations? I've attached...
  2. V

    Super - Liquidation of Employer

    Hi All, I am a PAYG (Pay as you go) employee. Sad situation, my employer is likely to go bust, due to inability to pay it's bills. I believe that directors have to draw the line in the sand before they *trade whilst insolvent*. We are now mid way through May 2014, with 1? months to go...
  3. Spades

    Re:TPD & SCI insurance cover

    Hi All, I'm currently looking at Death and Total Permanent Disability + Salary Continuance Insurance. Easy solution for me would be to just do it through superannuation. What's peoples thoughts? Am i best to do it through superannuation or independently? Cheers Spades.
  4. A

    Super co-contribution when you have IPs

    I'm debating whether to make a voluntary contribution of $1k into my super for the co-contribution. I earned $30k gross this financial year but had $40k rental income (and $40k deductions). If I owned the IPs on my own, my assessable income would be $70k so I wouldn't be eligible for the...
  5. malcomb

    Using super to pay off LOC

    Hi all, I'd appreciate some advice on my situation: We own our PPOR(value $450k), and have an IP (valued at $400k). IP is subject to an IO loan. LOC is currently set at $120k, with $80k owing on the LOC, ie $40k buffer. This year I can claim my super, which is a measly $90k. I'm still working...
  6. C

    Growing your super property portfolio, within the rules!

    I have been looking at this idea of managing my own super through property now for a couple of months now and the overriding problem that kept popping up was that you can't cross collateralise. In other words it's against the super laws to use the increased equity that may grow on a property to...