1. D

    Surveyor Costs and Project Management Fees

    Hello forum! I am a newbie...both to the forum and the property market :) 1st Project ....Looking to buy a block of land approx 2400 sqm with an existing house in Sydney SouthWest Growth Centre very soon (currently in the contract drafting stage). The plan is to retain the existing house...
  2. A

    subdivision in Honrsby council - steps

    hi guys; would like to pick these experienced brains on my subdivision i bought a house with a DA consent already given (and it expires in about 8 months, so i better act on it :). are the steps as follows: a) get someone to re survey our place b) get engineering plans c)...
  3. S

    Property Data

    Would you use a website that goes beyond rpdata and pdslive and provides actionable survey data and general planing advice to the subject property? The Survey data could take the form of a: -Contour and Detail Survey -3D model of an existing property
  4. O

    Quantity Surveyors - Canberra

    Looking for some suggestions regarding getting a depreciation schedule done for an IP in Canberra. I have looked at BMT (they charge $650) and WriteItOff (they charge $465) - just wondering what are the things I need to look for when comparing their services? Also, let me know of any surveyors...
  5. O

    Owner builder valuation for tax purposes

    Hi, I have built a unit (owner builder) at the front of my existing residence with the aim of strata titling both properties and then selling the original residence (lived there for 12 years) and renting out the new unit as a investment. We then plan to buy a PPOR in a different suburb. I...
  6. aaarghhh

    Wanted: Surveyor north brisbane

    Hello I'm looking to get an IP fence boundary repegged. Does any one have any recommendation for a surveyor on the north side of town, and how much this will cost? Thanks